Magic Galaxies

Susie Szulyovszky en Vincent Lawless

Oudeschans 140
1011CE Amsterdam


Specialism: Science fiction & fantasy books. Science fiction & fantasy art books. Roleplaying game books. Film & Tv books on all major sci-fi/fantasy releases. Vampire, Wicca, Ufo, Gothic Horror, Tarzan and Conan books. Used and new, only in English. Gesloten antiquariaat: op afspraak.


A world where reality knows no boundaries. A world that exists in the realm of chaos and in the realm of order. A world where the art of magic coexists with the art of technology.A world where you, the fan, rule supreme. A world where you are only limited by the bounds of the imagination.

Our mission is to bring science fiction and fantasy books out of the dark, dusty corner of second hand book stores. To preserve and circulate the grand old masters and out of print books. To import new books on Fantasy Art and Science Fiction Film/Tv-series that are not widely available here.

Role playing game books as Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms, Warhammer etc. also have a prominent place in our collection.

We always try to be up to date on our Film/TV (tie-ins and reference) book section. Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Supernatural, Torchwood or the Vampire Chronicles to name just a few.

Where do we get our books from?

We import our books from England and America mainly. But we are always looking out for good quality second hand books on all the mentioned topics. So please give us first bid. 😉

Searchlists are, of course more than welcome! And we have a real good success rate.

Where can you find us:

First off we don’t have a bookstore!! We are to be found on the Spui Bookmarket on Fridays, on all major (and some smaller) bookfairs, fantasy festivals, film fairs and science fiction conventions in the weekends in and around Holland & Belgium.

You can join our mailinglist for a regular update of our fairs or check us out on Facebook for the most recent info.